I'm Linda. I tour. I'm a merch girl, assistant tour manager, brand ambassador, mobile tour coordinator, bandsitter, etc. I sleep better in a bunk. I'm a hard working girl who deals with a lot of shit but, I do it all for the love of music.

I'll be writing down my experiences on here as well as other fun stuff regarding the business and touring.

Stay tuned!

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its-darling-savi asked: Hey Linda! I'm currently only 14 but have an interest, of when I'm older possibly becoming a merch girl for a band at Warped Tour. I have a few questions: 1) how old do you have to be? 2) Do you need any experience beforehand? 3) Can you pick the band you help sell merch of/for? Thanks in advance (:

1. 18 2. Experience is always good. Some don’t require. 3. If the band you want to work for is looking for help then yeah. After a while you just want to go on tour and just work for anyone and you won’t have any choice. 

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Anonymous asked: I'm a 15 year old musician who's almost 16, I've been playing my instruments for almost 5 years and want to get experience as a merchant girl/roadie, any advice?

Awesome. See if any venues around you are looking for stage crew. I know around where I live, venues look for day labors and you help set up the stage or lights for that night and break it down. I believe theres a company also. I would say just wait a couple of years, 16 might be a little young. Unless you know someone that can help you out. 

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I am 16 and I wanted to know if you have to be a certain age to be a merch girl. Do you have to be at least 18? Can you be younger?

18 is a better age. i don’t think any band will want to take someone any younger on the road and “babysit.” 

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cassieowen asked: hey! im graduating college with my music business degree in a semester and i still have no idea what i want to do haha. everything i want to do i feel like will make me happy but wont pay me. i just came across your blog so i haven't done a full creep job on you haha but did you go to school to get where you are? or just knew people who knew people, im just stressing hard after school im not going to go anywhere and just looking for advice haha.

I went to Musician’s Institute, luckily the school hooked you up with internships and I did my networking there. You should have been interning while in school to help you get a feel on what you wanted to do. Honestly, it’s hard to get a job in the business right now. And you just have to take whatever you get and make connections that way. Not everyone in the biz got lucky and nailed the record label job that paid well plus had benefits overnight. Like everything else, you have to work hard to where you want to be. Good luck!

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Anonymous asked: Hi Linda, I just have a few questions. There is a band that I started to follow after I saw them open for someone about a month ago. I was able to talk to them afterwards but it was quick and pretty generic since they had to leave. They arent what we consider big. I would love to be a part of any other gigs/tours they have in a more direct way, like volunteering, helping with merch etc. my questions here are who do I contact? And how exactly would be the best way to ask? Thank you!!

How big are they? Check their website see if they are a DIY band, if they are then contact the band directly. If not they should have a management contact on their website too. Either send them an e-mail or facebook message and offer them your help. Type up something professional and short. Sell yourself!

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Anonymous asked: Its my first tour coming up as a merch girl and I've never done it before. It's at a higher scale and I got the gig because of a friend. What are the main points to know... mostly about merch, not about touring! :) thanks!

Congrats! Just be organized and be ready to work fast. Make sure you have some sort of spread sheet of the amount of merch you have. Always count before doors and after. Doing merch is a lot of fun and you get to meet a lot of interesting people. Be professional and nice too. You are representing the band and you never know who you will be selling merch to. Make sure you put out that tip jar too!

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t1psygypsy asked: Hi Linda! How do you become a merch girl for a particular band?


Honestly, you just make your connections through people. If management and band likes you enough then you’re all set. Just make sure you get hired by a band that tours a lot. You have bills to pay!

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metalhead-chick4life asked: how did you get into Merch person as a fulltime thing because I would like to do it as well and I applied for the spot for the Girlz Garage band Merch tent, but I was wondering how to get into it for full tours like you do, and tips would be much appreciated

I starting helping local bands and worked my way up. I always tell everyone to start small and make connections and then work your way like that. Applying for merch jobs with no experience can be kinda tricky. If you do get lucky enough to get the gig just make sure it’s A LOT of work. A lot of heavy lifting, sweating, and long hours. 

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Anonymous asked: What is your best advice for getting involved in volunteering at warped tour and eventually going on the tour with them? I am interested in the music industry and think it would be a great learning experience! Do you have any tips/ advice! Love your blog!! X :)

Start looking for volunteer opportunities soon! Start looking at the Warped tour website, twitter, facebook, etc. Most sponsor/bands/non profits post their opportunities on their sites. Signing up is usually easy, some just require you to e-mail them. Ask questions and be very hands on to show that you really do want to work and make a good impression for them to consider you in the future. 

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Questions will be answered!

Hey everyone! First of all I want to thank you all for following me. I have been receiving your questions and I WILL be answering all of them this week! So keep checking back for new posts. Sorry of the delay!

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